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Altai Republic Government


The Altai Republic is an equil subject of the Russian Federation. A system of state authorities in the Altai Republic is based o­n principles of division of legislative, executive and judicial authorities, and also differentiation of powers of republican and local bodies of authority. A Chapter of the Altai Republic is the highest official in the Altai Republic. State Assembly-El Kurultai is the supreme legislative body of the Altai Republic. It is constantly working institution of representative authorities. A main goal of State Assembly-El Kurultai is elaboration and enactment of bills o­n all questions, regarding the Altai Republic. There are 41deputies in State Assembly-El Kurultai of the Altai Republic. There are some constant commissions in the supreme legislative body, such as: commisions for conducting law creative work, control of activity of state bodies, enterprises, establishments and organizations. Government of the Altai Republic is the supreme executive body of the Altai Republic, which is headed by a Chairman of Government of the Altai Republic. The Altai Republic has its State Symbols - Flag and Blazonry. Basic law of the Altai Republic is the Constitution of the Altai Republic. State languages of the Altai Republic are Russian and Altai languages (they are equal in rights). Structure of the Altai Republic consists of 10 administrative regiones and its capital - a city of Gorno-Altaisk. There is a vertical structure of management in the Altai Republic (local administrations carry out a management of each region of the Altai Republic).



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05 / 05 / 2015

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