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The popular culture of El Salvador includes traditions and ancient customs, from pre-Hispanic cultures, which merged with the customs españolas.122 The most representative villages and traditional are located in areas of the Izalcos, nonualcos, near San Salvador and Cacaopera.123 Among the expressions of folklore materials Salvadoran includes items such as handicrafts, which are important centers of production Nahuizalco, La Palma or Ilobasco, and objects include various types of pottery, ceramics, cordage, basketry, clay, toys, fireworks, etc.124 As for housing, according to 2003 data, in indigenous communities using the thatched roof was considered missing, while the walls of adobe still perduraban.125 In regard to clothing, traditional garments are used in their Most cultural events, 126 but occasionally can be seen as part of the daily dress in certain populations like Izalco, Resume or Panchimalco.127 In the field of social expressions, highlight the fraternities and sororities, as in El Salvador reached number fifty-tres.128 The localities where there are the most traditional, including Izalco, 129 Panchimalco Jayaque 130, 131 San Pedro Nonualco, 132 or Santo Domingo de Guzmán, 133 on the other hand, popular commercially, there tiangue, surviving traditional games for children and adults as the yo-yo, spinning capirucho, marbles, greasy pole, ribbon race horse, etc.134 135 In popular culture concerning the spiritual and mental aspect, note to the festivities that take place in all municipalities, including San Miguel highlight, which takes place a renowned carnival, and in San Salvador, with the August festivities, or Santa Ana with the Fiestas Julias. Other expressions are the dances, and a short list comprising at torito pinto, the Historians, escutcheons, tiger and deer, the feathered, etc.136 Other collection of legends and tales, the Siguanaba being representative, the Cipitío, and cadejo between otras.137



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