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Jeita Grotto

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The Jeita Grotto (Arabic: مغارة جعيتا) is a compound of caves in Lebanon located 20km north of Beirut in the Valley of Nahr al-Kalb (Dog River). This grotto complex is made up of two caves, upper galleries and a lower cave through which an underground river runs. It has been designed to include a series of walkways without disturbing the natural landscape. The Jeita Grotto is a candidate in the New 7 Nature Wonders of the World competition. The Jeita grotto is run by the German, Beirut based private firm MAPAS. History Sculpture outside the Jeita Grotto.The modern discovery of the underground river of Jeita dates to 1836 and is attributed to Reverend William Thomson, an American missionary who ventured some 50 m (164 ft) into the cave. Reaching the underground river, he fired a shot from his gun and the resulting echoes convinced him that he had found a cavern of major importance. In 1873 W.J. Maxwell and H.G. Huxley, engineers with the Beirut Water Company, and their friend Reverend Daniel Bliss, president of the Syrian Protestant College (later the American University of Beirut) explored these caverns. In two expeditions carried out in 1873 and 1874 they penetrated 1060 m (3478 ft) into the grotto-principal source of the Nahr el-Kalb that supplies Beirut with water. They were finally stopped by "Hell's Rapids", where the river flows in torrents over razor sharp rocks. Dr. Bliss, Mr. Maxwell and the other engineers recorded their names and the year on "Maxwell's Column", a great limestone pillar some 625 m (2051 ft) from the entrance. About 200 m (656 ft) further on, in the so-called "Pantheon", they wrote their names and details of the expedition on paper, sealed it in a bottle and placed it on top of a stalagmite. The action of the lime- impregnated water has since covered the bottle with a thin white film, permanently fixing it to the stone. Between 1892 and 1940 further expeditions were carried out, mostly by English, American or French explorers. These efforts brought them to a depth of 1750 m (5741 ft). Since the 1940's, Lebanese explorers, notably the members of the Speleo-Club of Lebanon founded by the first Lebanese speleologist Lionel Ghorra, have pushed even deeper into the Jeita grotto. Their methodical exploration revealed a great underground system of the upper and lower galleries which is now known to a depth approaching 9 km (6 mi). In 1969, at the inauguration of the upper galleries a concert with electronic music by the French composer Francois Bayle took place in the cave. This event was organized by the Lebanese artist and sculptor Ghassan Klink. Other cultural events have taken place in this unusual surrounding, including a concert by the world acknowledged German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen in November 1969. The caverns closed to the public due the the Lebanese civil war in 1978 but were reopened in 1995 and remain one of the country’s key natural attractions Today, the Jeita Grotto is a popular tourist site for both Lebanese and travelers from abroad due to its beauty and proximity to Beirut. Hind Kabbara Sinn (Jeïta) 19-09-2011 L’air respire de temps éthéré Mille flûtes de silence Pluies et larmes de clarté Heure nue sans soleil Prière de verre Lune d’eau éphémère Soleil de brune Ambre scellé de nacre étoile en poussière Lettres sans encre sans plume Silence de l’ombre où coule la lumière Liban si Jeïta source Enfance de toutes les prières. هدى النعماني 16-10-2011 هكذا يصنع المعجزات نقطةً بعد نقطة مثل دمعةٍ بعد دمعة مثل جمرةٍ بعد جمرة صدى زمن لولبي بعد أصداء ويتجمّد العطر أعمدةً وتماثيل مآذن وقباب قصوراً وبحاراً ملائكةً وحور عين هكذا يصنع المعجزات أفقاً بعد أفقٍ من أعماق السماء إلى أعماق الأرض مدناً فوق مدنٍ فوق مدنٍ دفئاً بعد دفءٍ ينابيع ذهب تغرق العالم ضماً وعناقاً قبلاً و بخوراً موتاً وحياة تعالوا إلى مغارة جعيتا تعالوا جزيرةً بعد جزيرة نجمةً بعد نجمة جسراً بعد جسرٍ وغوصوا في ثغور المستحيل بمنطقٍ ليس بمنطق بسحرٍ ليس بسحر في إلَه ما بعده إلَه



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