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Jeita Lebanon

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Take a trip to one of the world’s most extraordinary attractive and visited destinations and discover a subterranean magical world with wonderful limestone formations! With its 2 crystallized galleries Jeita Grotto represents a show cave touristic site with the most varied shaped, sized, and colored fantastic stalactites and stalagmites. It offers a pedestrian tour for some 750 m in the upper grotto and a boat tour for some 450 m in the lower grotto; the total length is more than 10 km. Jeita Grotto is compound of huge halls and one of the biggest stalactites in the world measuring 8,20 m is found in the upper gallery. Discovered hazardously in1836 by an American reverend, the caves became internationally known for the amazing rock formations and stylized motives. This touristic site has been modernly restored under hard conditions by Mapas Co. that made bi efforts to introduce environmental practices in the site for keeping intact the nature and the karst environment. A host of attractions will entertain the visitor such as: a ropeway, a train, an hourly slideshow featuring in a “Sound and Image” theatre, outdoor craftsmen with their skillfull works, a panoramic restaurant, souvenir shops with oriental articles and a relaxing Phoenician garden. Jeita Grotto is a finalist in a “7 Wonders of Nature “international competition in November 2011 and is a winner of the “Sustainable development in Tourism Prize 2002”, France.



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03 / 05 / 2015

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