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Centrally located in the heart of Europe, between France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg, a country the size of Maryland. Belgium is 85 minutes from Paris and 1hour 51 minutes from London by high-speed train! All hotels, from small properties to international chain hotels, assure that a quality experience awaits you. Take advantage of up to a 50% discount on hotel rates in Brussels year round on weekends and daily in July and August! Every type of gourmet cuisine in the world is on the menu in Belgium. You can delight in fine chocolates and waffles, munch on Belgian fries with mayo, savor fresh mussels from the North Sea and then wash it all down with the country’s diverse variety of beer, over 500 available! Brussels is the capital of Belgium and headquarters of the European Union (EU) & NATO . With this much international activity, it’s no wonder English is widely spoken. The famous statue of Manneken Pis is found in Brussels. Heads of state and famous artists have donated over 800 outfits on display at the Brussels Museum. The little blue cartoon creatures known as Smurfs are abso-smurfly Belgian, created by Peyo. Throughout Brussels there are murals attesting our love for Comic Strip Art. There are 35 UNES CO World Heritage sites in Belgium. There are 3 official languages in Belgium: French, Dutch and German - although English is widely spoken. Belgium produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year in over 2,130 chocolate shops. Our chocolate has pure cocoa flavor because we don’t use vegetable shortening. There are more castles per square mile in Belgium than anywhere else in the world. Some castles are moated and others have labyrinth garden mazes to get lost in! The saxophone was invented in Belgium by Adolph Sax in 1846. There are numerous jazz festivals throughout the year celebrating Belgium’s love for jazz music. There are over 500 different types of beer in Belgium running the gamut from white to raspberry beer. Most beers have their own glass in which only that beer may be served.



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