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When you’re at home, you might find that your day is dictated by the watch on your wrist or the time on your phone. But when you’re here as our guest, you’re on Fiji time. You’ll find life slows down a little, and no one is too fussed about what hour it is. The population here is made up of indigenous Fijians and a melting pot of different cultures: descendants of settlers from India, Europeans, people of mixed race, Chinese, and Pacific Islanders. One thing you can be sure of though, our renowned warmth and hospitality stretches across every group. The bulk of the population speak Fijian and Hindi as their first languages, but we’re united by English. Most people here speak it, and everyone is fluent in helping visitors find their way around. That’s something you never need to worry about when you stop by. There’s one word you’ll hear pretty much everywhere when you’re out and about in Fiji: bula. It’s our universal greeting and it speaks volumes. It’s a way to welcome someone when they arrive, say hello, hi there, g’day or cheers, wish someone good health and even ask ‘how are you’? If there’s one thing that’s worth doing quickly when you arrive, it’s picking up the habit of saying ‘bula!’ - you’ll find a friendly, smiling response is never far behind.



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05 / 03 / 2015

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